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Category: Society & Culture

Here at The Gonzo Chronicles anything goes. Topics include…everything, especially the weird stuff.

September 21, 2020

Vatican Rumors and Mysteries

Does the Vatican really own a telescope named LUCIFER used for searching for extraterrestrials and UFO's? Do they know the location of Noah's Ark and the Holy Grail? Do they have a time machine tucked away in their secret archives? Legends, mysteries and rumors about the church in this short episode. 

#Vatican #rumors #myths #HolyGrail #ArkoftheCovenant 

September 16, 2020

Erica Lukes of Ancient Aliens and UFO Classified Stops By

Strap in for a fun chat, we're talking the hits in this one...really! We talk about jazz, her bands and a trip back to her travelling days playing music gigs, her paintings, her radio show. Oh yeah, we talk a little bit about aliens, Project Orange, and the dangers of the involvement of the intelligence community in the field of Ufology, Hollywood, and the music industry. This episode has been brought to you by the letters W, T, and F. 

#EricaLukes #AncientAliens #UFOs #SkinwalkerRanch #ProjectOrange #alienabductions #CloseEncountersoftheThirdKind

September 14, 2020

Urban Legends

What are your favorite urban legends? Tales from Wales to San Antonio, this episode talks about a few urban legends, even one from my own home town. Strap in for a fun episode. This show is not FDA approved and your mother doesn't like it either. However, you will. 

#urbanlegends #paranormal #ghosts #BloodyMary #horror #weirdstories #strangetales

September 10, 2020

Where were you on 9-11?

The world has changed so much since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Rob stops by to talk about where he was at when the towers came down. A little bit about the culture war going on, and cancel culture, and how we need the same unifying spirit we had on September 12th. 

#9-11 #September112001 #terroristattacks #NY #wherewereyou #911 #haveyouforgotten

September 7, 2020

Shadow People and the Falmouth shadow creature

What's creepier than shadow people? We talk about a recent dash cam video from Falmouth, MA showing a shadow creature darting across the road and about the different types of shadow people. My opinion, they aren't so nice!

#shadowpeople #paranormal #hauntings #shapeshifters #TheHatMan #diabolical

September 4, 2020

KISS, Fantasy Football, and I Hate Superman

Seems like Ace and Peter are out of the band...again...and two stand ins (Eric and Tommy) are wearing their make-up. Shouldn't they have their own style? Also, I hate Superman, the police are rounding up human traffickers all over the place, and I had a decent fantasy football draft this year. 

August 14, 2020

Let talk Hair Bands!

Rob and I talk about our top hair bands of that era (80's-early 90's). Who did we miss?? Oh, and we veer off course and bit and talk about tits as well as the Riki's Ride for charity. You don't want to miss this episode.

#hairbands #hardrock #80s #HeadbangersBall #rikisride20 #powerbalads #MotleyCrue #Poison #FasterPussycat

July 18, 2020

Haunted St. Albans Sanatorium

Every place has a history. Your town, the river flowing through it, that creepy house on the hill. I was drawn to St. Albans in the late 90's when I was in grad school at Radford, VA. Now the place is known to everyone in the paranormal community. It has been featured on television shows like The Dead Files and Ghost Adventures, as well as host of others. But do you know the dark past of this place?







July 4, 2020

What’s on your summer reading list?

What made it to your summer reading list this year? Let me know and let's talk about our favorite books on an upcoming episode. Email me your top books that everyone should read. cyrus.alderwood@gmail.com






June 18, 2020

Depression, Toxic Social Media, and dealing with it.

Damn, we are living through some brutal times. Ever feel like you've been lied to and misled about everything up to this point in your life? Let's talk about how pop culture, media and social media are bringing us down and how to deal with depression. I'm not a doctor or therapist, I just play one on this podcast. You wanted personal, you got it with this episode. I go into my bout with depression a few years ago. It's dark, very dark. 

#depression #goals #success #failure #books #socialmedia #Twitter #Facebook